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Clark University Net Impact now has a Facebook page.  You can visit it at

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4th Annual 5K Green Run Sunday, April 22

Join us for our 4th annual 5k Green Run on Sunday, April 22nd at Clark University.  The registration starts at 10:30am and the race starts at noon.  Register the day of the race with $10 for students and $15 for non-students.  All proceeds benefit the Worcester Regional Environmental Council.  For questions, contact 5kgreenrun [at] gmail [dot] com


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Join us for a April 4th for a Discussion with Kathrin Winkler, Vice President, Corporate Sustainability for EMC Corporation

We invite you to learn more about Kathrin Winkler, EMC and her success.            4-6pm in The Lasry Building Rm 237 at Clark University!

Join Net Impact, Clark Women in Business, GSOM Career Services & GSOM Student Counsel as we welcome Kathrin Winkler from EMC.

Kathrin Winkler is Vice President, Corporate Sustainability and Chief Sustainability Officer for EMC Corporation. Winkler provides the vision strategy and leadership for the company’s global sustainability initiatives. As CSO, she chairs and collaborates with a virtual cross-functional team comprising EMC’s Green Business Leadership to integrate sustainability principles into the corporate culture, the business strategy, and day-to-day operations. Winkler’s passion in topics such as Sustainability as a Cultural Norm, has made her a frequent guest speaker in many forums. In 2010, she appeared before the Senate Commerce Committee’s Subcommittee on Communications, Technology, and the Internet to provide insight into how information technology is contributing to energy efficiency. Winkler founded EMC’s Engineering Green Team and its Design for Environment program while Senior Director with the Hardware Engineering Group. Prior to joining EMC in 2003, Winkler held senior positions at Renaissance Worldwide and Digital Equipment Corporation. Winkler is a Director of EcoLogic Development Fun, a nonprofit organization dedicated to community-based conservation in Central America. She is also a Director of the Green Grid, a non-profit open industry consortium dedicated to resource efficiency in business computing.

About EMC

EMC Corporation is a global leader in enabling businesses and service providers to transform their operations and deliver IT as a service. Fundamental to this transformation is cloud computing. Through innovative products and services, EMC accelerates the journey to cloud computing, helping IT departments to store, manage, protect and analyze their most valuable asset – information – in a more agile, trusted and efficient way. Additional information about EMC can be found at

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Green Resume Workshop Webinar!

In case you missed it!   You missed out on our webinar today.  It was a jam packed 30 minutes of great advice to craft the most effective resume and leverage multiple strategies to get you noticed in your job search.

ImageIt was a great group with live Q&A after with Cindy Richards from Career Services to help us jumpstart creating a great resume.

If you’re not already a member, join the google group to get our updates so you DON’T miss out on the great events we’ve got coming up!

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Net Impact Conference 2011- Brad’s Personal Wrap Up

It was a tremendous 4 days in the Pacific Northwest in which the Clark Net Impact members got to experience a little bit of everything that the area has to offer from the rural feel of the a mountain side home to the forward thinking Mecca that is urban Portland.

I could go on and on about the actually sessions I attended, the
people I met and the all that I have learned but I fear that I’m still so inspired and impassioned by all of those aspects that I will be relegated to incoherent rambles as attempt to express all my feelings and emotions at once. Rather than focus on the content and the quantifiable aspects of the experience, I feel compelled to relay the mental state that the Net Impact Conference leaves me in.

The conference was once again a transformative experience for me and many other attendees. More than one fellow conference goer, when I politely inquired about their last session, would immediately unleash a barrage of adjectives loosely strung together attempting to express powerful emotions. After about my third encounter with a fellow Net Impact member whose uncontrolled stream on consciousness type of response, I knew I needed to update the Clark Chapter first on this aspect of the experience.

I’m not an emotional guy, never have been and probably never will be. I have emotions just like everyone but don’t wear them on my sleeve and very rarely express them. But this conference taps into a deep well of emotion and passion that I very rarely work hard enough to explore within myself. The magnificent gift that the Net Impact Conference gives is it’s ability to stir that passion driven part of me into a frenzy and allow it to refuse to be relegated to second class citizen status in my consciousness.

I write this on a plane exhausted while never more energized,
emotionally drained but at the same time with a renewed sense of purpose and life mission. I realize that I am making this out to be some sort of turning point for those who attend, but that is not the case. In many ways, we all come away from the conference with many more questions then answers. I didn’t decide what my life mission is and haven’t found a calling.

I believe that for hundreds if not thousands of other Net Impact members, we’re able to reset and locate true north in our moral compasses. I don’t have any real answers to the challenges that lie
ahead but find comfort in the fact that my compass is true and with
each triumph or setback, I know what direction I am heading with each step I take.

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Hannah Jones, Nike

Hey Clarkies! Kate, Ezra and I are just finishing up the Conference with an inspired speech and Q&A with Hannah Jones, VP of Sustainability with Nike.

Be sure to ask us all about it and demand the we have a recap meeting to talk all about it and plan to get the whole chapter to Baltimore in 2012.

We’re off to have a few local brews with the top green minds, students and professionals from around the world.


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Sally Jewell CEO, REI

The team had the chance to attend the NI Keynote speaker this am. Sally Jewell sitting with Marc Gunther for about an hour discussing REI’s CSR, Sustainability, how they got there and where they are going.

Tremendous give and take between the NI audience community and Sally.

Highlight: “Without margin there is no mission and without mission there is no margin.”-Sally Jewel

So much more to come throughout #NI11.

Follow or @carfreebrad, @kkatejh or @constantmotion1 on twitter for personal experiences and details as well.

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